Friday, January 20, 2012

I have been Working At Home for 10 years now so I have learned what it takes. If you want to work At Home you Must First know how to use your Computer, this is not an option. Get into your manual, read it, teach yourself if you have to, but you can not work at home without knowing how this wonderful tool works. 
Play with the Instant Messaging programs, some jobs require you use them. Yahoo IM, AOL IM, Skype IM, Windows IM.
Learn how to make a File, how Save It, how to Attach it to at Email so you can Send it. 
Learn how to maintain your Computer. Just like an automobile, if you do not do regular maintenance it will stop working. 
Clear your files every night before you turn off your PC for the night. Go into internet options and delete files. 
Run a good virus and spyware program every night also before you shut in down. 
Set your Defragmentor to run every week. Defrag Drive C, the other drives also if you frequently use them.
You will find Great Virus and Spyware Programs at:
New Job Opportunity to Work At Home

Sent an email for the information:

Put JobAtHome in the Subject Line of your email.

25 hrs a week Required, can work more.