Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's been an interesting week for Seattle area residents! We had 4 storm fronts come in this last week.

Snow, snow, much that trees were so filled with snow they were falling down! Huge branches
fell on power lines, cars houses, it made a big mess and knocked out power for almost 300,000 homes!
Some have been w/o power for 11 days!

It's been cold! It got down to 24 degrees in some areas, that cold with no electricity made homes very chilly!
Some have the luxury of Gas Fireplaces or Wood Stoves, I did not.

Now today we have bad rain storms and bad wind storms. My lights blinked off and on today, Hope they
stay on! Today we still have over 10,000 people w/o power from the first storms last week.
P.S.E. has over 200 crews working on getting these all fixed. They are trying to get them all on by tonight.

No heat, no warm meals, no internet and no phone in some areas. Added to that it gets dark at 5 pm.
Wow, that made evenings even more interesting.
I grabbed my flashlight and a good book and went to bed under the warm covers!
I was lost without my Internet, I love this medium to communicate with all my friends scattered across the globe.

A lot of us were w/o electricity so long the freezer started getting warm.
I am told by a friend that home and  renters insurance covers the loss of food if you had some thaw out.
Good information! I didn't know that.

Thank you Andrea for that information. It will be helpful for many in this area.